Kvaløy Nettverk is one of the leading providers of translation and linguistic services
in Azerbaijan, South Caucasus and Central Asia

Established in 2002, Kvaløy Nettverk is a small family-owned translation agency, run by Sain Alizada

Kvaloy Nettverk provides a full range of linguistic services including translation, interpretation, software localization, proofreading, language evaluation, website globalization, subtitling, voiceover, multicultural marketing and DTP. Our service guarantees top quality, reliability, affordability and vast reference resources in the technical, medical, oil/gas, legal, scientific, marketing and commercial fields.

Kvaloy Nettverk’s business strategies focus on quality, professionalism, flexibility and the genuine care in customer service. We are based in Baku, Azerbaijan and provide translation and linguistic services from and into languages of the South Caucasus, Central Asia, Turkish and Russian.

Fields of Specialization

Kvaloy Nettverk provides services in the following language pairs:

English<>Azerbaijani, English<>Georgian, English<>Kazakh, English<>Russian, English<>Turkish, English<>Turkmen, English<>Uzbek, English<>Farsi, English<>Kirghiz

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