Established in 2002, Kvaløy Nettverk is a small family business, owned and run by Sain Alizada.

We provide a full range of linguistic services including translation, interpretation, software localization, proofreading, language evaluation, website globalization, subtitling, voiceover, multicultural marketing and DTP. Our service guarantees top quality, reliability, affordability and vast reference resources in the technical, medical, oil/gas, legal, scientific, marketing and commercial fields.

We have extensive experience working within all of the major industrial sectors, sciences and technologies as well as in their multiple subdomains, thanks to the broad range of specializations harnessed by teams of our in-house specialists and external consultants. Besides, our linguistic and technical resources enable us to act as a single vendor for complex multi-language projects from our customers.

The absolute latest translation memory tools (including Trados, SDLX and Catalyst) are all available in order to speed up the translation process and help ensure consistency throughout your project.

Kvaløy Nettverk’s business strategies focus on quality, professionalism, flexibility and the utmost in customer care.

For more details regarding the extensive range of services that we offer, please go to Our Services page.