Kvaløy Nettverk helps companies and organizations to design a framework to codify and support their global strategies. The globalization strategy and the globalization framework will provide a uniform guidance for your separate localization efforts and will earn a lot of time and money for your business.

Globalization comprises the two primary technical processes - localization and internationalization, which make up a double-phase process together. The first phase, internationalization, encompasses the planning and preparation stages for a product in which it is built by design to support global markets. This process means that all cultural assumptions are removed and any country or language-specific content is stored externally to the product so that it can be easily adapted. If this is not done during this phase, these issues will have to be fixed during localization, which will add further time and expense to the project. It is also important to acknowledge that in certain cases, products that were not internationalized may not even be localized.

Internationalization is a process of enabling a product at a technical level for localization. An internationalized product does not require remedial engineering or redesign at the time of localization - instead, it can be easily adapted for a specific market after the engineering phase. The internationalization phase primarily covers abstracting the functionality of a product away from any particular culture, country or market, and simplifies integration of a subsequent support for a specific language. Kvaløy Nettverk staff possesses the appropriate education and negotiation skills to provide the best globalization solution for your product and consistently applies our internal globalization procedures.

The second phase, localization, refers to the actual adaptation of the product for a specific market. You can find more information about our localization services on the Localization page of our website.