Kvaløy Nettverk has vast experience in voiceover and dubbing of movies and presentations into languages of the former USSR and Asia.

Dubbing is a production technique used to localize a foreign movie with the new voice track spoken by one of our carefully selected voice talents. Voices of some of our voice artists have already become synonymous with roles and actors or actresses whose voices they regularly dubbed in movies and TV series.

Dubbing foreign-language films, videos and video games into the local language of a target market will significantly increase their popularity by making them more accessible.

The voiceover technique refers to live or pre-recorded broadcast of a non-diegetic voice in radio, television, film, theatre and presentation. Voice actors at Kvaløy Nettverk will help you animate characters, create the effect of storytelling by a character/omniscient narrator in movies and present educational or descriptive devices in a desired language. Voiceover technique can also be used as an alternative to full dubbing.