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Kvaloy Nettverk graduates from Enterprise Development and Training Programme
(2008.08.18)    Kvaloy Nettverk has successfully graduated from the Enterprise Development and Training Programme (EDTP) in the translation services sector in Baku, Azerbaijan. EDTP is a three-year initiative in support of local business development sponsored by BP and its co-venturers in Azerbaijan. The programme is part of BP’s effort to increase local content of their contracts in Azerbaijan and thereby contribute to the healthy and transparent development of the local economy.
   EDTP is an advance on past BP`s local supplier development efforts in that its primary focus is on implementation. EDTP’s goal is to assist local companies to improve their capability to supply the oil and gas industry. It is a hands-on outreach programme that will analyze companies’ technical and commercial gaps, design a customized upgrade plan, and provide targeted technical assistance to implement the plan, and then follow up and monitor progress and integrity. EDTP’s output shall be a group of local companies prepared and qualified for BP’s tendering process.
   EDTP is run by ACDI/VOCA of Washington DC, an organization with more than 40 years experience in enterprise development around the world as well as 15 years experience in Azerbaijan. The EDTP Team is composed by seasoned international and local professionals.